Monday, December 7, 2009

Erica L's Response

      In 1859, when John Brown raided Harper’s Ferry, the United States government had only one option to deal with the insurrection. They were forced to only recognize the acts of John Brown but not the motives behind the acts. As mentioned in the editorial, Brown’s plan was not absurd. He was even supported by many radical abolitionists in the North. They supplied him with both money and encouragement. Although his actions were questionable, dangerous, and extremely risky, they were supported by legitimate and honest motives. Brown was one of the first devoted and dedicated martyrs during the abolition movement Without people like him to question the values of society, it is quite possible that we would still live in a divided society. We are in an era where we can now appreciate the rebellion that caused so much fear 150 years ago, and we can pardon the “loon’s” actions.

Erica L

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