Monday, December 7, 2009

Natasha vK's Response

Dear Editors of the New York Times,

          Comparing John Brown, a passionate, tactful revolutionist, to an indifferent, mechanical airplane pilot, Charles Winter, is absurd.  Although both of these figures made controversial decisions–Brown leading revolts in 1859 and Winter supplying bombers in Israel in the 1940s–the unsurpassable difference between the two is each man's motivation.  Charles Winter seems no more than a conveniently willing pilot.  But James Brown was morally invested in his defying action.  As Reynold mentions, Brown's plan was well thought-out.  It shocks me that a man so intelligently rebellious is compared to a man who was neither physically nor emotionally invested in his scheme.  In this respect, John Brown is even more deserving of a presidential pardoning in order to recognize the government's mistake in executing this hero, and also to appreciate the sacrifices that revolutionists, such as John Brown, made for the betterment of our country.  

Thank you very much,
Natasha vK

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