Friday, December 11, 2009

Letter to the Editor

        Although John Brown's heart and spirit were in the right place, his actions were not. He wanted blacks to be quickly integrated into American society, but like many radicals the society would not accept his actions. Many saw his freeing of slaves heroic but just as many saw the same action as villainous.

       Today there is no question as to what is right, but one must recall all of John Brown's deed's to access his actions properly. His slaying of five pro-slavery settlers and leaving their mutilated bodies for discouragement is not an acceptable way to approach the issue of slavery. The most he could hope for was to deter slave owners from entering Kansas. Murdering five men for such a small outcome is unjustifiable. While some of John Brown's actions are valiant there are not enough to overcome this felony. John Brown does not deserve a presidential pardon, and as of now not even a gubernatorial pardon.

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