Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Letter to the Editor - Sophie K

I disagree with David Reynold's opinion in "Freedom's Martyr" that John Brown should be pardoned. Although currently everyone agrees that John Brown was fighting for a just cause, pardoning him when his actions led to the deaths of innocent people would spread the wrong message. While there is now universal opposition to slavery, other divisive issues, such as same-sex marriage, cause bitter conflict between different groups of people. By excusing John Brown, the government would be saying that it's okay to use violence to fight for something you believe in. This pardon could potentially lead to an outbreak of small-scale attacks by people who disagree with others' religious, political, and moral views. So while I believe that John Brown was fighting for a noble cause in seeking to end slavery and racism, pardoning him would in effect be endorsing the use of violence in fighting for one's own beliefs.  

Thank you,

Sophie K

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